The Wright Life

Hi, I’m Cindy. I grew up in North Carolina. When I was 19 I joined the United States Air Force. During my time in the Air Force I lived in Texas, Japan, and Florida. After my Air Force enlistment ended, I became a full-time mother. First we moved to Alaska for four years. Then we moved out to Ohio and Florida to attend Bible College for five years. Alaska has always been our favorite place to live and we have been back up here since 2004. I’m packing now to spend part of the year outside Alaska. We’ll be splitting our time between North Carolina, Alaska, and Alabama while traveling.


I thought my old blog had been deleted but yesterday a link popped up in my Facebook memories. I checked today and my complete blog is still there. I suppose once something is on the internet it’s not likely that it will disappear. I had made many copies of the writing in my blog. ThatContinue reading “Louise”

Moving on…

My husband is getting ready to retire from the military, so we are in a transition. I don’t have a full time job. I returned home (to Alaska) this Spring (2020) after spending 11 months helping my parents. My mother never recovered, her health continued to decline, and she passed. We’re preparing to leave ourContinue reading “Moving on…”


I read a LOT! My husband, on the other hand, reads the occasional book. Most of his reading is Bible reading, work related, internet reading, or magazine reading. Face it, not everyone is a reader. I was just reading a fellow blogger here that had an article titled “Why Read?” and when I clicked onContinue reading “Reading”

Things that interest me.

I have such a wide variety of interests that it’s hard to narrow down a particular focus for writing. I suppose to start with I’d have to say that I’m a very family oriented person. Despite moving away from North Carolina so many years ago I’ve maintained close ties by writing, calling, and traveling backContinue reading “Things that interest me.”


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